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If you don’t want to get eaten, don’t swoop close to the ground, the cat can’t fly! Do you have a cat as a pet? When the above methods are just not enough to exterminate chipmunks, you can have no reason to seek for a professional service. First things first, chipmunks are surely lovable and cute. These sounds make a noise that will cause distress, pain, and fear in the chipmunks. Sure, you can be a chipmunk killer all you want but there will always be a time where you can’t handle these pests by yourself that it why you need to have a help from an expert. The professional have the know-how, the tools and the chemicals to remove these critters from your property safely to the animal and to you. There are some Natural Ways to Get Rid of Chipmunks in Your Property. There are so many natural ways to get rid of them. This natural remedy is also a good one. If you want to get rid of chipmunks, then this remedy is good to start.

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You can use this remedy to kill chipmunks and destroy their tunnels. You can use sounds that afraid to chipmunks. How will you be sure the poison is only consumed by chipmunks if applied in your flower beds or yard? We hope the above product suggestions and DIY tips will help you in your quest to remove this furry pest. In the event that you are having trouble in dealing with the pesky creature, a professional wildlife control agency can help you deal with your problem. If they are eating your plants, a protective barrier is the best chipmunk prevention approach to take. You can place a trap near their burrows or in the garden for best results. In forested regions, your best bet is to defend against the little creatures that lurk on the outskirts of your yard. This technique will keep the chipmunks away from your house and farther back in your yard. Garlic or hot peppers are crops that a chipmunk will turn its nose up at, so using a garlic or pepper spray.

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They are attracted by food such as seeds, flower bulbs, fruit, and vegetables and since you take pride in these items on your property, we have some suggestions for how you can prevent chipmunks from making them their next meal. You need to find out if the rodents have infested and nested in your home. On the rare occasion they do get inside, you can be sure they’ll want back out again. If you spend many hours each week perfecting your backyard and chipmunks eat all your handiwork, you may want to figure out ways to get rid of the critters. Aspirin is also a good poison for chipmunks. You can leave aspirin near their burrows to get rid of them. Worse, they can cause structural damage by building their nest underground. They can also damage your yards and gardens. There you can find a wide variety of traps. Some homeowners may find the process of getting rid of squirrels and chipmunks tasking and prefer professional service.

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These ramps provide a way for the chipmunks to climb to the edge. Once outside, the rodents will be blocked from their way back. Another way to collapse the tunnels is to have a weighty roller and slowly go over the area. Absolutely. But only our deluxe model (the second one below) should be used when you have an existing population. One hole for taking cover fast, the second hole for the main entrance and the third one is for use as an emergency exit. The second unit is much stronger incorporating ultra sound along with the standard vibration and sound our basic unit provides. The female makes a chipping sound when she is prepared for mating and this sound is the reason for using the word chipmunks as the name of the species. Chipmunks are the same as squirrels and small. Make a nice mixture and spray this mixture in your yards, garden and other areas where chipmunks are active.

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