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I responded stating that there are FIFTY other units within the building who have doorbells, lockboxes, decorations, stickers, and other items adhered to and even nailed to their doors (Fitbit and I happily walked all the floors). I immediately removed all the items to comply with the deadline, and I then responded with a list of all the fifty units that are like mine and said if I am removing mine, they too should be notified and given the same 3 day timeline for the removal of theirs. They over-enforce at times, including exiting their place to go out for the day while I was moving stuff, and scolding me for having boxes in the hallway when I was moving boxes from the hallway into the apartment and had to leave them in the hallway against the wall (no tripping hazard) while I opened the door and pushed them in one-by-one. Two hundred 300 ppi scans, 8×10 to full bleed double page spreads was not an unusual day. At that LFF page I linked above, people are claiming that Gamsol and Scan Science’s “Lumina” scanning fluid are the same thing based on the Materials Safety Data Sheets. Please visit the Account Upgrades page for more details.

One went fine, the other wasn’t holding air for more than a few minutes. I am very concerned about retaliation from management and spent a few days stressed out and a bit paranoid that unit was under surveillance or might be entered to hunt for/place evidence for my removal. I intend to give them a few weeks to see if anyone is subjected to the same notice, include the other tenant on my floor who has had her door for years and hers is still up. It’s still now white but looks a lot better. Essentially at this point, you are wanting to still have a BIT of tack to the paint when you apply the decal, but not so much that you affect the paint by applying it. I explained that the door integrity was not compromised as the doorbell is a sticker, much like the several other stickers, wreaths, security stickers, welcome decorations, doorbells, lockboxes, save-my-pet stickers, religious decorations (crosses, mezuzahs), adornments, many of which are larger than my discreet 2-inch simple doorbell. On another floor, directly opposite the elevator, there is a door with an large carved wooden decoration nailed/stuck or glued onto the door so mine is definitely not the first he must have seen in 4 years.

Recently, I added a wireless stick-on doorbell (it uses 3MM double-sided tape) to my door, and within days received a letter saying that the l am to remove the wireless doorbell and the lockbox within 3 days, or it will be be done for me, the items discarded, and the bill and including any damage to the door will be sent to me. I also explained that the reason why I have the wireless doorbell is because I don’t hear the knocking in my bedroom office, and I have the lockbox with a code that I give to a select trusted friends, in the event that something happens and they need to enter, or if I am locked out myself. I do not believe any action will be taken because it will cause a “riot” — religious arguments of freedom of expression, people with government issued personal support workers need the lockboxes, elderly or hard-of-hearing need doorbells, security alarm stickers are on doors because there is/was a thief in the building who would check for unlocked doors, and people are in general attached to items that make their unit a home. I’ll check it out.

GFX 50r Macro Suggestions? several other stickers, wreaths

I am rent controlled and so there may be a financial motivation to get me out especially since I appear to be an easier target than those with families, or older residents. It may not work as well, but it’ll be more satisfying. My cabinet is more of a dark off white as opposed to white. Some of my (white) neighbours think it might be racism, me being the only black on the floor and seemingly monitored and have different rules applied to me, but I don’t want to mention that especially when it’s so easy to justify a difference in treatment. I don’t know how else I could have moved the very large boxes from the elevator given my size/strength, other than one-by-one from the hallway on a dolly. So I know what to expect of them and how to handle the materials. I know some people are fans of the original decals.

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Or are you opting for the sticker/hidden camera route? Now, focus your attention on the phone’s selfie camera. Disclaimer: This is a reproduced article and the copyright rests with the original author. The views in this article are not from MIUI Resources Team, or MIUI Global Forum. If there is any disagreement, please contact the Forum Management Team to delete it. The lockbox has my emergency contact info, some cash, and keys to enter. It is a lot better than giving out keys as I can change it, and it’s better than having wake up the staff to get back into my apartment. TLDR; Many others in my building have stuff nailed or stuck on their doors in my apartment. Just thinking of regular mineral spirits, I can actually smell the stuff and feel the blinding headache I get from it. Stuff never seems to go away. There are around 300 units in my building, so around 15% have items on their doors. I also pointed out that these units have had these for decades without issue.

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