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In the event you purchase new furniture for your home, request that the dirt and stain repellent treatments are not used on the purchased pieces. These chemicals; much like the chemicals used in the stain and dirt repellent treatments in carpeting; may also produce a “let-off” in your home’s air. Sometimes, it’s things like this that raises our awareness. Certain plastics possess the ability to soak up pesticides much like a sponge soaks up water. This subject is so close to my heart since it was pesticides that brought on my youngest painful skin condition (eczema). We don’t have to go overboard – take it from me, these small changes really work – my daughter’s skin condition, and the rest of my family’s overall health has improved due to these small changes. If you are allergic to grass, weeds or trees, use a face mask when you mow the lawn or do yard work.

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In the event you are not able to remove your homes carpeting, use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to drastically reduce the toxins collected and embedded on a daily basis. 1- Remove your shoes at the door. Since the residuals of these chemicals have the ability to last for years and years in carpets; it would be better to have everyone to completely remove their shoes before entering your home. Remove all flaking lead paint from surfaces and have them repainted with unleaded paint. Maybe twice a year, I do remove all of my curios and individually dust them.( I do a walk around and see if they are really in need of individual cleaning) If not, I lightly dust them weekly. I agree with you, rather we have children or not, reducing the toxins in our enviroment is good for not only the planet, but every living thing on it.

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I tell you, often it’s the things we don’t think about that could really be affecting our health as well as our children’s. Formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane have been found in popular baby and children’s products. There are many products that are known as green products available however you can make your own green products at home at much less expense. Yes, who would have ever thought there would so many toxins in Baby Shampoo, including Formaldehyde. According to a 2009 issue of Latina magazine, if parents thought they only had to worry about the effects of second-hand smoke on their children, they have another thing to worry about. It is a sad reality that children – especially toddlers – are more susceptible to the adverse effects of the toxins caused by the bevy of chemicals used, or unknowingly surrounding us in our own homes. Unfortunately, with our chemically laden carpets and rugs, regular in-home (and out) pesticide control, everyday cleaning supplies and other hidden chemicals, it’s a harsh reality that the products we use in our very homes, just may be affecting the health of us and our children.

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Opt for a more natural approach to cleaning by choosing natural cleaning products. They are lightweight, flexible and breathable made from natural materials. Opt for a more natural approach to bug prevention and extermination. I wanted a more durable surface on it, so decided to try tile. The surface is stainless steel so using abrasive substances is not considered. We already had a stainless steel refrigerator and dishwasher so the only things needed to be updated were the wall oven and cooktop. It’s so true, we do tend to forget about these things. The infrared repeater allows you to move all the things that would normally go into a TV console to another location. Realistically, we can’t expect to rid our homes completely of every potentially harmful chemical, but there are plenty of things we can do to reduce our children’s exposure to them. Thereby, making our children’s home environment a happier, healthier, safer one.

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Last week, our HubMobsters converged to write about Children’s Education. Do you find that they last as long as using regular title or laminate flooring? The platforms are made using 3/4″ OSB for the flooring and 2 x 4s. Each platform is 9″ higher than the platform in front of it. I wanted to make sure that when the seats were reclined they wouldn’t interfere with the seats in the front and back. I felt a little helpless – but I know now that any little change you personally make for you and your family will bring benefits. The whole idea, is to make some sort of change. You are so right creativeone59 – it doesn’t have to be an unsurmountable task, but baby steps will help make some great changes in our home’s evironment. Plus it is the right thing to do for our planet. Figuring out the right remote control for your home theater will drastically change your home theater experience. In my case I moved the all that stuff into the hall closet right outside the movie theater. Hopefully my articles will help you with your choices for your home theater. Have houseplants placed strategically (and out of the reach of your children) around your home to help reduce harmful and toxic indoor pollutants.

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